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Best In Ceiling Speakers Reviews -For Surround Sound and Home Theater

Are you looking for the best in ceiling speakers reviews to get the perfect in ceiling speakers that will completely transform your audio experience then we have just the right information and products for you. The importance of excellent quality in ceiling speakers for surround sound experience cannot be underestimated. The in ceiling speakers are compact, concealed, without any visible wires and can provide the surround sound effect just like watching movies in a movie theater. The speakers lie above the user thus forming a sort of sound blanket under it which provides a completely different and better sound experience than any of the floor standing speakers. The floor standing speakers can be placed only in a corner from where they provide sound directed to one direction. You can imagine the clutter of wires they create if you try and place them in all the corners of the room. Many people get freaked out with the idea that they have to make a hole in their ceiling for in ceiling speakers but let me tell you that after you install the in ceiling speakers definitely you will love that you installed them.

What NOT to buy

Instead of telling what to buy we would like to mention what not to buy.

Here have a look at this product

(Above link opens in a new tab)

I am not against the company. In fact I am a huge fan of their products and technology but the thing here is that just don't go blindly trusting the brand name. For a much lesser price you can easily buy much better sounding speakers. It is not my belief that for a better sound system I would have to shell out a lot of money. With better knowledge and information we could create a better system even at a much lesser price. We would recommend reading the below tips before you buy.

Short Ultimate Buying Guide For In Ceiling Speakers:

Ask These Questions To Yourself Before You Buy In Ceiling Speakers

For what purpose I want in ceiling speakers?

If you are searching for best in ceiling speakers for only background music around the house or your shop then speakers with smaller woofers drivers would be the best(try Polk RC80i). If you need them for setting up your home theater then it is better to invest more for better speakers with larger polypropylene or kevlar woofers drivers, wider frequency range, more power(try JBLSP8CII or Yamaha).

Which size in ceiling speakers should I buy?

Rooms above 20 x 15 x 14 ft are large rooms or any standard room that opens up to some other wider area require bigger speakers that have powerful woofers drivers(try Klipsch R-1800-C). If you install smaller speakers so you have to raise their sound which will get distorted at higher levels. So consider room size.

With which amplifier or receiver I will be connecting them?

Always check your amplifier/receiver for the number of speakers it can support, also match the impedence(speakers should be within 2 Ohms of amp's impedence), how many watts per channel the amp supports. Just google up the amplifier model you own and download its manual for the specifications.

Are you going for Home Theater Setup?

Make sure that all the in ceiling speakers have similar quality as different quality speakers would sound different thus would affect your audio experience. Especially the center channel speaker must be of same quality as the left and right front speakers. Consider buying speakers in set of 4 or 6. It is not necessary that all the speakers be from same manufacturer but it benefits as manufacturers often provide timber matched products across their various models.

Will you playing them with 5.1 Dolby Digital Surround Sound?

We would recommend that you should go for a subwoofer if you plan to play them with Dolby 5.1. The subwoofer will provide the enriching bass without which you may not get the best audio experience you desire.

Think About These Before You Buy In Ceiling Speakers

Buy From E stores like Amazon: Cheapest price, better service, better variety, extremely valuable customer reviews. So it is recommend to save dollars.

Frequency response (Hz): Human ear can hear home theater system wireless between 20 to 20,000 Hz. The lower frequency sounds have low pitch that is more bass. Most in ceiling speakers can produce better highs but lack on bass(the lower frequency). Consider buying ones with wider frequency range with lower lower limit.

Power handling (watts): It simply means how much power is being consumed by speakers to create sound. More the wattage more the amplification and louder the sound. Buy a bigger watt speaker for bigger room.

Sensitivity/efficiency (dB): It simply means how effectively the power is used by the speaker to produce sounds. A higher dB speaker plays louder without straining the amplifier. It is measured in decibels(dB). We would recommend you to go for a higher db(between 80 and 90 dB) if you listen to loud music or movies.

Focus on buying quality speakers: Don't worry if you might be falling short of your set budget after seeing above points. It is better to buy good quality speakers even though they may seem a bit expensive as you would not like to regret making a hole in your roof(and also in your pocket) for poor quality speakers. Spend 40 to 50 percent on speakers out of total budget on home theater. To set up a good home theater system requires much money. So better focus on buying excellent quality speakers first later get a subwoofer or appropriate amplifier. Build up your system slowly.

In Simple Words: Go for a more watt, more dB, wider frequency range speaker preferably with movable swiveling tweeters.

Review JBL SP8CII In Ceiling Speakers(2 Way, 8

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Review JBL SP8CII In Ceiling Speakers(2 Way, 8" Woofer, 1" Swivel Mount Tweeter) : Best In Ceiling Speaker for Bass Lovers

JBL SP8CII In Ceiling Speakers(2 Way, 8" Woofer, 1" Swivel Mount Tweeter)

Bass lovers this product is perfect for you!!

JBL makes one of the finest speakers and the JBL SP8 CII is one such perfect example. They are excellent 2 way in ceiling speakers at their price range making them one of the best ceiling speakers for the money. These are perfect for those who want good deal of bass. These are perfect for large rooms, basement, home theater etc. In fact I gifted 6 of these speakers to my brother for his new home theater. Whenever I visit his place it is fun watching movies or listening music from these JBL in ceiling speakers. These speakers have large 8 inches titanium laminated cone woofer that delivers powerful sound with good deal of bass. The woofers are surrounded by rubber so that these deliver tight bass which is best for listening for long hours. These speakers have frequency response range of 32Hz-20kHz, impedence of 8 Ohms, 100 Watt power handling and audio sensitivity of 89 dB. The JBL SP8 CII have 1 inch titanium laminated tweeter that deliver crystal clear highs. These are easy to install just like any other regular in ceiling speaker. Just tighten the dog ear brackets after attaching wire and the speaker stays well secured in the roof tiles. The speaker's grills are paintable so they will blend in the décor of the room. For those who are scared of going for wrong speakers trust me these won't disappoint you.

Product Specifications:

Excellent sound with good bass from its large 8 inches rubber surrounded titanium laminated cone woofer.

These are one of the best ceiling speakers for music watching movies.

Perfect highs from its 1 inch titanium laminated tweeter.

Easy to install thanks to the dog ear brackets that hold the speaker tightly in the ceiling.

You can also separately buy optional rough in frames for these speakers.


You can buy them online at much lower price than retail stores.

Here is the lowest price that we could find for JBL SP8CII

(above links opens in a new tab)

Klipsch In ceiling Loudspeakers(Model No R-1800-C)

You want performance and this thing has got it. A perfect combination of performance, affordability and durability. Be it indoor or outdoor, home or your working area they are perfect. We tested them and were blown away by its performance. They are the perfect thing for installation in your home theater providing you that deep bass. Install these at appropriate spots and these would be the best in ceiling surround speakers at their price. It has got everything you need in an in ceiling speaker like excellent sound, good power handling, good sensitivity, durability, a paintable moisture resistant rust resistant aluminium grill. The R-1800 C speakers have a large 8" polymer cone woofer featuring high sensitivity. It has got a 1" coaxial mounted polymer dome tweeter which offers crystal clear highs with very wide area of distribution. The installation is super easy thus you need no professional help. Cut a hole using provided template, attach wires, tighten 4 screws and snap the cover and voila you are done! These killer speakers can fit in other Klipsch series like IK-650-C ME-650-C installation kits.

Product Specifications:

Incredible performance with frequency response range of 57Hz to 20kHz, 40 watts (160 watts peak) and a sensitivity of 89 dB.

These have one 8" polymer woofer and a 1" dome polymer tweeter.

These speakers comes with a paintable aluminium grill.

These are among the best outdoor in ceiling speakers at a budget as they are moisture resistant so install them even outdoors like patios or in places like bathroom, kitchen etc.

These speakers will last very long and better news is that they are covered under lifetime warranty.


You can buy them at amazon where they are available at the best possible price. Use the above link in this page and search for Klipsch R-1800-C. They are available for around $80 per speaker.

Polk Audio RC80i 2-Way In-Ceiling Speakers (Model: AW0080-B)

For those who tight on budget and want best value in ceiling speakers without compromising quality sound. The Polk RC80i are two way in ceiling speakers that deliver good quality stereo sound with frequency response range of 35Hz to 20,000Hz. They are available in two sizes 8 and 6 inches. The speaker contains cone made out of mineral filled polymer composite a 1 inch 15 degree rotatable swivel mounted tweeter providing good quality lows, mids and highs(adjustable tweeter settings). We tested these speakers and they sounded awesome without any distortion even at high volumes. We did not find any vibrations, distortions of any sort. They may be used in bigger rooms due to its wide dispersion designing which spreads sound evenly throughout but as they are just 50 Watt so may not suffice the expectations of many but for standard rooms they are perfect. We would like to mention about another feature here which is Wall distance toggle switch. If you are installing speakers quite close to the corners or walls then you can use this feature to flatten frequencies for better sound. The speaker cone has a rubber surround instead of foam so will lasts longer. Just move the tweeter towards you for better sound experience. Though these are not the top notch sounding in ceiling speakers out there(you will have to spend some more for that) but at their price range they can easily beat anything. Their best thing is extremely easy installation. Even you can install them yourself without any professional help. Just make a hole, connect wires, tighten screws and voila the speakers are installed. The grill fits snugly over speakers so it won't fall but removing it would need good amount of force. The speakers fit well and there is no rattling or shaking if installed well. They are available in white color with a paintable grill thus they cannot be noticed easily. They are awesome option for saving space while making your home theater setup. You may also install them in any damp place like bathroom, saunas, kitchen, patio etc as the speakers are quite durable, moisture and rust resistant. Another great thing is that you can timbre match these speakers with other Polk speakers like their RC series, monitor series, PSW10 or PSW12 subwoofer and CS1 or CS2 speakers,.

Product Specifications:

Delivers good quality sound with its 90 dB audio sensitivity, 35Hz - 20kHz frequency range with its mineral filled polymer composite cones(dynamic balance)

These speakers are timbre matched to the other Polk series like RTi Series.

The speaker has a movable swivel mounted(15 degrees) 1 inch tweeter that delivers highs perfectly.

These speakers are perfect for saunas, bathroom or kitchen as they are made out of durable moisture resistant materials.

The speakers will go a long-long way as they are backed with a 5 years parts labor warranty.


They are among the best sellers available at best price on amazon. Head over to amazon using the above link in this page for checking out its latest price. They are available for $139 per 2 speakers.

Review Yamaha Natural Sound In-Ceiling/Flush Mount Speakers(2 Way, 120 Watts, 8 Woofer  1 Tweeter)

See all 7 photos

Review Yamaha Natural Sound In-Ceiling/Flush Mount Speakers(2 Way, 120 Watts, 8" Woofer 1" Tweeter)

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